SEO which full name is Search Engine Optimization. It completes its work in two way and they are on page optimization and off page optimization. Among us who work with SEO, the word backlink is known to all. There is no way to increase the visitors in our website without creating backlink. Backlink is nothing but a idea about how to optimize off page. What we do for off page optimization is the same technique of creating backlink. For example, say I have a website name and I posted a comment in a in a blog named and left my blog link. Now if a visitor visits and clicked my left link and moved to my site then the link will be a backlink for my site.
Importance of Backlink:
there are many necessity of creating backlink in a website.
1. We may collect many visitors through backlink.
2. If visitors come to my site through Backlink, it would be important link to google or any kinds of search engines and in this way the on on page optimization of that page.
3. It is the best way of Page Rank and Alexa Rank to increase Backlink and visitors.
Technique of increasing Backlinks:
It has been said earlier that the process of Off Page Optimization and creating Backling are the same. the technique of creating Backlink are as follows:
1. To write in various kinds of popular blog and use links.
2. Comment to others blogs.
3. Forum posting.
4. To post a comment in a forum.
5. Site index in google search engine.
6. Link exchange with others.
7. Working with a site of asking question and answer.
8. Working with a site of press release.
9. Post add in a website.
10. Purchasing  backling.
11. Creating a page of the site in a social network like facebook and share post regularly.

If we maintain the above tips to increase Backlink, we may get enough visitors.

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