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How to Write a Good Article? - BOSS SOLUTION

March 5, 2013


Article Writing:

Article writing is very easy but a good article is quite difficult if we do not maintain some techniques of writing an article.
What about do you want to write?
At first, you have to make your mind still what about the topics do you want to write. Normally decide to write in a section about you have enough skills. If you can not fix your type of writing, you will not be able to write anything. So it is very important to select a topic.

How much do you know what are you going to write in your blog? You have to think about what you are going to write to research expending some times. It is better to research before beginning your writing. Select at least 3/5 main keywords to be at the top of the google ranking or you may read the articles of some pages so that you may receive something more idea. Always try to write better articles than whatever you saw. You will read the article with teeth and nails. But do not try to copy their whole article which should be marked. Your writing and delivery style should be different and acceptable to all. Always try to do better although at first, your writing may not be so good, finally, you must be able to write a good article and gain.

Keywords :

You must want your article to earn a great position in the search engine. if so, you should research keywords. If you use long-tail keywords instead of head-tail, you will get rank in a hurry. using long-tail keywords, you may get more visitors than using head tail keywords. Long-tail keywords is a group of words and head-tail is a main or single word which is very difficult to attract the visitors, it is also very competitive.

Keywords Density:

Keywords density is a very important term in writing articles. you have to pay attention in writing that your keywords must not be 3-4% in whole articles. Writing an article is to read for others not just for yourself. If you use more keywords in a single article, your visitors feel bore for reading the repetitive keywords again and again. The search engine also gets you down from page ranking than higher.


In the above discussion, we discussed the preparation of writing an article. let us know how you should start your article writing. Everything depends on a good beginning for success.many visitors will try to read first only a few lines from the beginning of your article. So your introduction should be informative and attractive as we also do normally. At the beginning of the article, you should focus on the demand of the visitors and try to give some ideas about what topics are you going to be discussed later on.

Body Of Article:

The body is the most important part of article writing. You have already given some ideas in your introduction parts. Now just explain the ideas according to the visitor’s demands. Try to give clear conceptions to the visitors so that they can get enough information from your articles and satisfied themselves after reading your articles. The more you are able to teach them clearly, the more success comes with your articles.

You will conclude the article in this section with the main words or sentences that you discuss in your introduction and body. the conclusion should not be very large. It should be a condensed but informative sentence which may be consideredas a summary of the article. You may also say something to the visitors about how much information they got in this article. You may also finish your writing by asking a question with a similarity of your discussion such as what do you think? can you do this? Will you?, Don’t you? etc.


After finishing your writing article, you should review your article once, even as many as possible. If there is any lack of information or misspelling of words. You may add some images if needed. Don’t exaggerate anything and too short also. Your language should be common and rustic so that visitors can understand normally.

What is the Duty of a Blogger?

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Dear visitors!
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