What is WordPress?

At present, among many kinds of popular CMS (Content Management System), WordPress is one of the best one. If we want to make a website within a short time, then I will recommend you to use this one because of using no coding and completely free to use. Another great reason for the  popularity of WordPress is a large number of collection.
About WordPress:

The father of WordPress is Matt Mullenweg and now it is operated and controlled by his company Automattic.  The company Automattic not only create WordPress, but also create new platform and plug inns among them most of are free. Let us look at what platforms and plug inns are allowed to use described bellow.

Jetpack: This is an unique of plug inns where many plug inns are juxtaposed into a plug inn.
VaultPress: This plug inn is used for backing up of WordPress website/blog.
Gravatar: If you create an account in this website and complete your profile following all of the steps like adding picture, social account profile, something about you etc. your information using the email which has been used creating the account will be added in their all of the websites automatically.
Akismet: It is used to spam free the wordpress which has no alternative.
Polldaddy: It is used for surveying or making answer-scripts in online.
Code Poet: this is a blog site of wordpress.
WordPress VIP: This is a Hosting site of wordpress.
GlotPress: This is a blog site but like a forum.
BuddyPress: If we want to make a social networking website like Facebook. there is no way without using like this kind of plug inn.
IntenseDebate: It is used to comment various kind of blog sites.
After the deadline: It is used for correcting the grammar and spelling test.
Plinky:  This a site of giving the answer of a question.
Ping-o-Matic: This site is used to ping a post so that a post can be able to be found in different search engines.
P2 Theme: It is also a system of creating a blog site but look like forum.
bbPress: if we want to add WordPress with forum, this plug inn can be used.
Word Camp SF: This is a blog site.
WP for iOS: This site is for iphone.
WP for Android: This site is for Android.
WP for Blackberry: This site is for Blackberry.
WP for Windows Phone: This site is for windows Phone.
Version of WordPress: 
WordPress is a such kind of CMS by which any kind of web site or blog is possible even E-commerce sites.
Day by day, the popularity of WordPress is increasing for the above contents services. There are two versions of WordPress. They are wordpress.com and wordpress.org. There are some difference between two versions.


Difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org:

 Some main difference between above two versions are described bellow.

1.  WordPress.com is to create in their own server and have to use their sub-domain.  You may also purchase a domain from them or you may use your own domain instead. on the other hand, there is a full freedom in wordpress.org to create a website using your own domain, sub-domain and server. You will not use their server even you want to use.
2. There are some limited themes and templates in wordpress.com which is not permitted to make any changes or edited. on the other hand, in wordpress.org there are a lot of themes and templates which can be changed or edited as you want. If you can design a theme, you are always allowed to make a theme or tetemplate to use in your site.
3. wordpress.com is completely free to use while wordpress.org is a free CMS but you have to purchase domain, hosting, and premier theme (if you want to use premier paid themes).
4. Yo may post an advertisement according to their terms and conditions in wordpress.com while you may post any kinds of advertisement what ever you like in wordpress.org.
5. You will never the right of full control over your website, you have to abide by the terms and conditions of wordpress.com always. on the other hand, wordpress.org is a completely free world of your own where you can make terms and conditions when you are an indivisual owner of your site. But if you share your site with other users, there may be some rules and regulations.
6. The control of the website will remain in the hand of wordpress.com  but you have to add the contents in the site while the full control of the site will remain in your hand in wordpress.org so that you can do whatever you like but if you face any kind of problem, it is your own duty of the responsibility of solving the problem.
7. You are not able to keep only your own brand, there will be their name of the website and link in wordpress.com while there will be your full control what brand/contents you want to keep in your site in wordpress.org.
8.  Only a few plug inn can be used those are in wordpress.com. on the other hand, you can use a lot of plug inns even you may create new plug inns in wordpress.org.
9. The back up of your site will be controlled  by them in wordpress.com while you will control yourself the backup of your site in wordpress.org.
10. They will controle SSL and security of WordPress.org. On the other hand you will control yourself SSL and security in WordPress.org.

Besides these, there are some few difference you will face when start making a website or blog using WordPress. So try to improve your skill using WordPress. It is a easy and safe process. Later on, I’ll try to publish another post on WordPress how to create a web site using WordPress.

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