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How to Ping a Post? - BOSS SOLUTION

February 17, 2021


What is Ping a Post?

Pinging is a great way to introduce the search engines to the latest updates of your website. The blog and ping technique is an SEO technique. Most of us have a blog or website, but we hardly know how to index our post to different search engines shortly so that search engines can recognize our postal address. Like me, those are new bloggers, face this problem and index the post to search engine quickly. The sooner you index your post to a search engine, the earlier you will get visitors from the search engine following your keywords used in the post. If your blog is not indexed properly, you will not be even in SERP, let alone get visitors. It is very important to indexing your post or blog, which is a major fact to reach the required rank.

How to Ping a Post?

Don’t worry, guys? From now on, I will make it easy for you, indexing a blog post in no more tension. I am sharing some websites link which sites will help you. Just submit your blog or blog post link. These are png site which will help your URL to index quickly. Sometimes you have to submit your FeedBurner link. So, create a FeedBurner link also. Let’s try to Ping your post following the command of each URL. You may take any one even more sites to ping your post.

  •  http:pingler.com/
  • http://pingomatic.com/
  • http://autopinger.com/
  • http://feedping.com/
  • http://pingates.com/
  • http://ping.in/
  • http://pingsearch.google.com/ping
  • http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/
  • http://pingmyblog.com

1. Go to http://pingomatic.com/ where you will see a form, and there will be three options to fill up. Blog Name, Blog Home Page URL, and RSS Feed.

2. Now fill up the above form as shown. In the place of Blog Name, you will fill with your blog title or keywords of your blog. In the blog Home Page, you will fill up with your blog home page URL and finally fill up with your RSS Feed link.
3. Common Service Check All.
4. Finally, Click Send Pings button. That’s OK
If you still have questions, comment below. I’ll be with you ASAP.

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